HBCUs expand access and success

HBCUs expand access and success

There is something special and unique about the HBCU experience – for me, that Aggie Pride.Historically black colleges and universities became a...

June 19th, 2016 |  

Be careful with the name

Be careful with the name

“What’s in your wallet?” You probably quickly recognized that question from the credit card commercial on TV. There’s Samuel L...

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A tradition ends

Twenty-one years ago, Ermon Godwin strolled the Walter Ragan field at the old Midway High School pointing out where the stage for that year’s Ho...

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Your tax dollars at work

Your tax dollars at work

I never liked going to court. But sometimes it was necessary while I was working with the N.C. Dept. of Revenue. I never really liked being the mean t...

June 12th, 2016 |  

Fantastic lures for teachers in N.C.

Oh, if the General Assembly were a sailboat, and it was launching from Hatteras, it could hit London thanks to the huffing and puffing over Republican...

June 12th, 2016 |  

Even this year, incumbents roll

All hail the establishment!Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have shown the power of an anti-establishment message this year. But if N.C. voters have th...

June 11th, 2016 |  

Don’t sit under the apple tree

Sometimes it seems memories of the past are so real, we need only to reach out and touch the hands of those we held so tightly, many sunsets ago. Most...

June 10th, 2016 |  

To the graduates: Good luck and Godspeed

Hundreds of young people across our county will embark on a new journey in the next few days, saying goodbye to the familiar and, in many ways, welcom...

June 9th, 2016 updated: June 9th, 2016. |  

The lion’s men

Smiling from ear to ear, with their toothy grins from a faded picture hidden in back of my photo album, is an old snapshot taken in the hot summer, so...

June 8th, 2016 |  

Maybe it is about you

Maybe it is about you

Well, it’s graduation time. Once again, I didn’t get an invitation to speak anywhere. Stephen Spielberg spoke at Harvard. Condoleezza Rice...

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