Pridgen will live on in strides he made

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. — Warren BennisAnd so it was with Lee Pridgen.Pridgen, who died earlier this week a...

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What will the next president accomplish?

The accomplishments of the next president will depend, in part, on the decisions of the congress and the court systems and the actions of state govern...

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Our country, our flag, our anthem

Some publicity oriented athletes are expressing their discontent with America’s failure to provide “equal justice for all.” They sig...

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DA’s decision was the appropriate one

District Attorney Ernie Lee made the only decision we thought he could make in the case against eight Sampson County law enforcement officers — ...

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Wells Fargo and catching flies

Wells Fargo and catching flies

What does catching flies at Aunt Betty’s house and Wells Fargo have in common? Actually, it’s not a stretch. Let’s just say sometime...

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Leading students to better outcomes

Leading students to better outcomes

It has been about twenty days since the opening of our new 2016-2017 school year, and I’m confident that our teachers have worked especially har...

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Let the bells rings

This is for those who are lucky enough to be blessed by ‘The Constitution of the United States of America” 1787.The young nation daringly ...

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Does the President thinkwe are stupid?

We do not want Washington tampering with our voting system under the pretense that “Russia has rigged it”. The Democrats are afraid that T...

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Tribute to the ‘Briar Buster’

Tribute to the ‘Briar Buster’

John Thurman (JT) Denning died Sept. 8, 2001, 15 years ago. He was my father-in-law and I nicknamed him the “Briar Buster.” Those of you w...

September 11th, 2016 |  

It was built with good’bones’

It was built with good’bones’

“It may need a little work, but it has good bones.”If you ever bought or sold an older house, you may have heard that statement. The house...

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