Why not vote early?

There’s no excuse for not voting in this year’s primary election. There are ample times to handle any excuse that might come up for not voting between next Thursday, April 24, and the May 6 primary.Early voting gets under way on April 24, and the Sampson County Board of Elections is offering daily opportunities for residents to work a stop by the BOE offices into their daily routine. Voters can do so beginning at 8 a.m. that Thursday, the first day of voting and continu...

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This man called Jesus

He was a tall man, even by today’s standards. His hair was worn shoulder length as was the custom of the Hebrew people. His tunic, a kimono-like garment fitted him closely at the neck and was made of linen. The tunic was held snugly to His body by a girdle. Simply, a long strip of cloth that was wrapped around the waist and fastened in a knot with a clasp, or sometimes by twisting it around itself.

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What makes worship wonderful for you?

What makes worship wonderful? Worship is defined in my Everyday Bible this way: to worship and serve God. When one feels the freedom to truly worship, express joy as the Holy Spirit flows, commune with Christ, and show love for the Lord with joyful reverence… minus man made restraint, that defines wonderful worship to me.

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Child abuse, a sad part of our society

It’s hard for many of us to understand how someone can have a child and then not take care of it.Harder still is attempting to fathom how someone can have a child and then abuse it, physically, emotionally, verbally or, sadly, a combination of all three. But it happens. Day in and day out. Men and women become the parents of little, needy ones, dependent upon them for everything, yet they let them down, shirking responsibilities that are theirs to shoulder.You see ...

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Helping families find closure, peace

Paul Beard and his family need your help. So, too, does those closest to Buddy Myers. And those who still are looking for answers in the 1984 murder of Roseboro’s Linda Meeker.There are others in the city and county, countless families who have not been able to find the closure they seek because their loved ones have either been murdered with no killer arrested, or are still missing, with hopes of finding them all but dashed.They all believe there’s at least ...

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Aggie Pride — changing a student’s life

A group of us locals meet monthly on the second Monday at 6:30 p.m. at First Baptist Church, 900 College St. in Clinton. We share a very special and common bond — a sense of pride in being graduates of NC A&T, with A&T having been our home away from home for four years. At the end of each monthly gathering, we lift our voices and sing our alma mater, saying these words: “With joy, with joy, dear A&T, thy students turn from thee to spread the trophies year by year from Dare to Cher...

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The Beatles, Bill Gates, and Tiger

10,000 hours. That’s all it takes.The date was February 9, 1964. That Sunday night, we all (well, 70 million of us) sat watching “The Ed Sullivan Show,” trying to hear the music over the screams of the girls in the studio audience. It was a band most of us had never heard of called the Beatles. From what I could hear, I could tell that they were good, real good.

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Defeating alcohol in Sampson

Editor:The Sampson County commissioners unanimously approved a referendum for the passage of county-wide sales of beer and wine. On Tuesday May 6th, voters will have an opportunity to defeat this measure at the ballot box in the primary election.

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Learning from each worship experience

Do you reflect on God’s handiwork in your life during worship at church? Writing at my desk on a Sunday afternoon with sunbeams lighting up the room, my heart is alive with tender love stories from worship services today. Where do I begin? I will start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. After sharing four wonderful, worship experiences, I hope the joy of Jesus floods your heart. God puts the pieces of our stories together in His time and way; let us be still and listen a...

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Support our youth, go see ‘Seussical the Musical’

See story A1/photo gallery www.clintonnc.comThere’s something wild and wonderful going on at Hobbton High School, and we urge everyone looking for something entertaining to do this weekend to venture down U.S. 701 to the school’s auditorium and take a gander at what’s being offered.What you’ll find inside that auditorium is some of the ...

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Sharing time with an angel

I once had a friend who was known to be somewhat of a private person. She kept her feelings mostly to herself. Sometimes I felt I needed to pry open her heart to find the sentiments that gave her such calm serenity. On the other side of the coin she was as mischievous and full of laughter as anyone I have ever known.

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Registration time drawing to a close

By the time you read this editorial, there will be less than three full days remaining for those who’ve not registered to vote in this May’s primary to do so, and the same amount of time for those who wish to change their party affiliation or any other voter registration information.Friday, April 11, at 5 p.m. to be exact, is when the registration period closes, meaning that if you’ve failed to go by the Board of Elections by that time, or actually just a few minu...

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What cannot be bought”

While driving around and running some errands last week, my nearly three-year-old son started yelling in an effort to interrupt the conversation his parents were having. It was cute for about five seconds; then it became obnoxious. He continued to yell, completely ruining anyone’s ability to have a conversation. In that moment, however, my mind started thinking about McCutcheon v. FCC.McCutcheon was a Supreme Court case handed down last week. In its decision, a 5-4 majority r...

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A powerful example

Young people often set examples without ever even knowing they’ve struck a chord or made a lasting impression with those with whom they’ve come in contact with day in and day out. Such is the case with 8-year-old Ashir Muhammad, interviewed recently for a story that ran in our Sunday Sampson Independent and posted online at was born missing his left forearm and hand. Some would consider that a detriment to the things they might want to do in life. No...

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