A cellular phone is here

Recently, my eyes were opened to the reality of everything that has happened in Washington with our regulators and legislators. Cellular telephones have effectively replaced our traditional means of communication. (We now have more cellular telephones in our country than we do people, and we’re to the point that if you don’t have one or can’t afford one, our government will supply one for free.) This did not happen overnight, and there are specific reasons why this has happe...

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Autumn in the air

Although temperatures have still remained in the 80’s this week, there’s still been a change in the air, a chilliness that makes us want to take a slow, deep breath. The mornings are cooler now, the leaves are beginning to take on a more golden tone and the smells are already changing, fresher than in weeks past.All are signs that fall is being ushered in once again and that the remnants of a relatively mild summer are coming to a quiet close.

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Having the talk

Down the road, someone is going to thank me for this column.Have you had the talk? I know it’s an awkward, sensitive subject to talk about, but you’ve got to do it. Parents and children alike had rather avoid it. But you’ve got to have it. Otherwise, the children could be later on heading for a difficult time.No, I’m not talking about “that” talk. (Although it’s important, too.) This talk is between older, adult children and thei...

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R’boro citizens make a difference

The Sept. 16 article “Citizens Play Role in Arrest of 2” is proof positive that alert citizens are essential to crime reduction and holding criminals accountable. That is exactly what happened when two alert Roseboro citizens played key roles that led to the successful identification and arrest of two adults, on multiple chargers, last Sunday evening. Law enforcement must have the support of local citizens in order for them to do there jobs better.While the Sheriff is t...

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Remembering 6 young Ya-Ya Sisters

The dawn is heavy with the promise of another summer day patiently waiting to be born. In the stillness of this early hour, the sky to the east lightens behind billows of perfect clouds. The orchestration is breath-taking.Further down the beach, the sand slides into pink, and the old house we are staying in is silhouetted against the sky.

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Words still mean things

It was another example that words still mean things. On TV, during last Sunday’s “Meet The Press,” the moderator, Chuck Todd, had an interview with President Obama. The interview was mostly about U.S. foreign policy. While Chuck Todd was asking questions about ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), the President would refer to ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) in his response. This caught my attention. Others also noticed.

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NAACP — a symbol of hope

Founded 105 years ago this year, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the oldest and largest civil rights organization, has been one of the key players in advancing democracy through its struggle for equality and justice for all in the U.S.As we prepared to celebrate the Sampson County NAACP Branch 2014 annual Freedom Fund Banquet on Saturday, Oct. 4, at the Sampson County Agri-Exposition Center, starting at 6 p.m., we call on the entire community...

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To seem rather than to be

I now know what purgatory looks like.It’s a hollow, dark television studio, defined only by softly lit blue curtains. This is where last week, Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis met for the first debate in the ongoing contest to become United States Senator. In the middle of the night, I watched the debate online with a two-week-old on my lap. I can confidently say it was the worst televised debate I’ve ever seen.

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Pow Wow keeps the tradition alive

See related story A1When it comes to preserving heritage and keeping the traditions of years past alive, none do it any better than the Coharie Tribe.This weekend, as it has done for over four decades now, tribal leaders will hold the annual Pow-Wow, the first of dozens that will be held in North Carolina and the nation this year. Sampson’s Coharie Tribe starts out the Pow-Wow season each year, an honor for all Samp...

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A legacy continues

They had a choice. They could become bitter, or they could become better. They became better. Born a hundred years apart, the legacy of one opened the door of opportunity for the other.Milton Hershey was born in 1857 in Derry Township, Pa. He dropped out of school at age 12, due to his family’s frequent moves. Hershey became an apprentice, first to a printer, then to a candy and ice cream maker. After his apprenticeship, Hershey went out and started his own candy business.

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Outsiders taking our jobs?

Editor:Why are there county employees that are not residents of this county. I’m not talking law enforcement.Take the Sampson County Animal shelter. Half of the county employees are not from this county. Why is this! The director of the animal shelter is not from Sampson County.Are there no qualified people within Sampson County? As hard as it is to find a job in today’s market we have people from elsewhere taking away our county jobs. Why is this ...

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Lessons from terrible tragedy

There are just some things that don’t make sense.The early Saturday morning fire outside of Garland that killed six people, two of them children, is among them. No matter how hard we work to reconcile the tragic occurrence — and the realization that one day these individuals were full of life and the next they were gone — finding a way to come to terms with the devastating losses will not be easy.It certainly won’t be for those closest to the six ...

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Wandering away from home

“I want to hear the story about you following the dog when you were little.”It’s story time and once again one of the grandkids want to hear about one of my misadventures when I was about their age. To tell the truth, I don’t think I actually remember it. But I was told the story so many time by my parents growing up that it has become a memory. The story go like this.I was around three years old. It was a late Saturday afternoon back down on the ...

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The enduring American dilemma

It is my conviction that the recent unrest surrounding the shooting of the unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Mo., is a reminder of the enduring American dilemma — finding for the black man “a place consistent with the national heritage of freedom and equality.”Since the Civil War, which was in its waning months 150 years ago today, America has been wrestling with its enduring dilemma of what to do with the black man as if the black man was the problem? That problem, i...

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Reforms that benefit agriculture

On Aug. 20, the House of Representatives and the Senate, constituting the 2013 Regular Session of the General Assembly, adjourned sine die. Unless the yovernor calls for a special session, the General Assembly will not meet again until next year with the start of the 2015 Regular Session.In light of this, I wanted to take some time to review the General Assembly’s accomplishments over the past two years in more detail than usual. This week’s newsletter will kick off a f...

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