Trash carts in Garland

August 28, 2013


I am writing this letter hoping that other caring residents in Garland will speak out about the trash carts that are being left on the curb for three, four even five days after the pickup day.

They are in violation of the town ordinance letter from the town that were sent out in April stating that the carts are to be moved behind your house. It did not say to park your cart at your front door!

One elderly lady in the neighborhood got a tag on her cart. It is not right to tag one and let someone else get by. There are several junk yards in the same neighborhood that look worse than Sanford & Son … the only thing missing is Fred and Lamont!

If people had any care and respect, they would abide by the town’s ordinance. I would be ashamed to park my trash cart at my front door. Who wants a nasty trash cart at the front door? Some people just don’t care. Maybe they like filthy things!

Someone is not doing their job!

Colin Lockamy