Raiders shut out Triton 3-0 in soccer

Savanna Pope Sports Writer

September 7, 2013

The Raiders defended their home field decisively on Thursday against Triton with a 3-0 shutout. They scored one during the first period and two in the second half.

The first score was a throw-in from the left side, and Jonathan Garcia ran and headed the ball into the goal. After the half, Midway’s goalkeeper threw the ball in and Garcia guided the ball straight to the net again.

The Raiders gained the third goal with an assist by Garcia to Alex Boggs who scored with a kick from the side of the net.

Midway’s head coach Allen McLamb said this was the best he’s seen his team play.

“We did what we needed to do throughout the game. We’ve really gotten better on the front tonight than what we’ve been playing. We came back the second half and saw a few things that could help us, like some different wing movements. I really feel like we played our best soccer tonight that we’ve played all year so far,” Coach McLamb stated.

“We had some things that we had to adjust and communicate, and we worked on that yesterday. That was the best practice that we’ve ever had. The guys came out very focused tonight, and I think it was a really good team effort,” he added.

Midway’s record is now 2-1-2 overall, and their next game begins conference competition on Monday at home against East Bladen.