Higher boating fees on horizon

Emily Hobbs Staff Writer

September 19, 2013

Recreational boating is now facing a large hike in registration fees, some with hikes as much as $50 higher than the previous rates.

Beginning Oct. 1, boaters will no longer receive a multi-year discount as they have in the past. And those who have boats over 26 feet long will also be paying over three times more than they were in the past for the multi-year discount.

Now is the time buy or sell a boat to prevent paying the much higher fees. Both the vessel and registration fees as well as titling fees will increase. Instead of being one flat rate for all recreational boats, there will be a graduated scale based on the size of the watercraft.

The titling fees will be $30 for either a new title or a transfer title whereas previously this was only $20.

For 26-foot or greater vessels that fee will be $50.

Three-year registration fees will be $90 for boats less than 26 feet in length, up from $40; and those with vessels 26 feet or longer will pay $150.

The money raised from the increased fees will go towards the future dredging of shallow-draft inlets on the NC coast. Any further questions can be answered at