Glory Train will be presented

Mae Bell Williamson Brown’s Chapel

September 24, 2013

On Saturday, Sept. 28, at 6 p.m., pastor Jeffrey White, ushers and mass choir of Brown’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Clinton, will visit First New Light Church of White Oak for their rainbow tea.

On Sunday, Sept. 29, beginning at 3 p.m., the Snowhill Missionary Baptist Church family will travel to New Light AME Zion Church in Salemburg to present the play Glory Train.

The House of Prayer of Faison will have regular service Sunday, Sept. 29, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Our love and deepest sympathy goes out to all families who have lost a loved one recently, and we solicit your prayers for the sick and shut in both her and across the world.

Go to the church of your choice Sunday and have a blessed week.

(Mae Bell Williamson is the church correspondent for Brown’s Chapel. To have your news listed in her column, call 910-709-7317.)