Lady Raiders upset Patriots at Pender

Ruthie Pope Sports Writer

September 28, 2013

The Lady Raiders traveled into Patriot territory last week and came away victorious, winning 3 of 5 sets against undefeated Pender.

The Patriots took the first set with not too much problem, winning 25-14.

The Raiders came alive in the second set and won it by 8 points, 17-25.

The third set was a hard-fought game and could have gone either way, but the tenacious Lady Raiders never stop fighting. They won by 2 points, 24-26.

The Patriots came back strong in the 4th game and won it by 7 points, 25-18.

Scoring for the 5th set only goes to 15 and both teams tried to get an early jump on the other, but they seemed to be evenly matched. The Lady Raiders got the good hits and took the game and match with an 11-15 win.

Head coach Jennifer Naylor was ecstatic after the game and called this a turning point in the season for her team.

“This is a season changer for the team. Mentally, I think we’ve broken a barrier and they know they are good enough to beat anyone. The team is growing physically and mentally and I’m looking forward to our next game on Tuesday when we got to Clinton,” Coach Naylor said.

Midway’s record moves to 5-4 in the conference and 5-9 overall, whereas the Raiders gave Pender their first conference loss and their record is now 8-1 and 11-5.