Clement students get in the act for Hispanic Heritage Month

Emily M. Hobbs Staff Writer

October 12, 2013

Clement Elementary School second-graders participated in a cutural activity for Hispanic Heritage Month Thursday that both informed, excited, and engaged the students, parents, and staff in attendance.

Students prepared posters with crayon-colored flags of each of the 21 countries that where Spanish is spoken in the world and then presented them during a program recognizing the month.

Luz Ortega, the ESL teacher for Clement Elementary, explained that each student had one or two countries assigned to them. The posters included information about each of the countries, such as the location, population, and capitol cities. The students read the details of each poster enthusiasitcally, and also explained the meaning of the different colors of each country’s flags.

“I have been teaching for over 26 years,” said Ortega. This is her 10th year teaching at Clement. Originally from Columbia, she has been living in the United States for the past 13 years. She planned and orchestrated this presentation for her class.

“From Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, and I wanted to highlight the 21 Spanish speaking countries,” said Ortega. Her second-grade students presented the program to the other second-grade classes in the school music room. After a short video of pictures the students spoke about the countries and sang a song naming all 21 countries at the end. The students explained the meaning of the flag colors, some of which meant things like the fertilitly of the land, mineral resources, integrity, and generosity.

“Thank you for coming,” the class said at the end of the presentation, and closed with an enthusiastic “Ole!”