Tigers end JV Leps winning streak

Ruthie Pope Sports Writer

October 18, 2013

Lakewood’s defense couldn’t stop the Tiger junior varsity and the Leopards lost their first game this season 14-40 on Thursday.

The James Kenan offense dominated the first half of the ballgame. At 6:57 in the first quarter, the Tigers got their first score with a 19 yard run, but the 2-point conversion failed.

Then in the second quarter, James Kenan scooted across the goal line from 4 yards out. With the 2-point conversion, the score jumped to 0-14.

Then a break-out run by the Tigers gave them another 6 points from 63 yards out. The 2-point conversion moved the score up to 0-22. With about 1 minute left before the half, an 8 yard pass gave the Tigers another 6 points to go into halftime with a 0-28 score.

The second half started out a lot like the first half, with 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter, a Tiger raced into the end zone from 35 yards out to push the score up to 0-34.

The Leopards used up the rest of the quarter, marching down field, but couldn’t get past the James Kenan defense once they made it into the red zone.

The 4th quarter gave Lakewood a change of luck. With 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter, William “Reecie” Moore snatched a pass meant for a Tiger right out of the air and raced 40 yards down field for the Leopards’ first TD. Matt Wuester kicked the extra point.

The Tigers took control again and crossed the goal line for one last time. The 2-point conversion was stopped. With 5:27 left on the clock, the score moved to 7-40.

The Leopards got the ball back and long rushes by Dillon Kinlock and Trevon Wilson put Lakewood back in scoring position. A 7 yard pass to Spencer Ray with 1:50 left on the clock would be the last score in the game.

Kinlock was the leading rusher for the Leopards with 19 carries for 98 yards. Nyquan Murphy rushed 5 for 6 yards; Akili Underwood, 1 for 4; and Zack Tanner, 5 for 9 yards.

In passing, quarterback Tanner attempted 2 passes with 1 completion for 7 yards.

Ray had 7 yards passing yardage.

For the Tigers, they had 336 yards rushing and 113 passing yardage.

On defense for Lakewood, Ethan Blackwell was credited with 7 tackles and 1 sack; Moore, 5 tackles and 1 interception for a 40 yard TD.; Jody Conrad, James Herring, and Trevon Wilson, all had 4 tackles each; Justin Ezzell, 6 tackles; Nyquan Owens, 3 tackles; and Tristen Hawks, 2 tackls.