Horses shatter records in shutout senior night victory

Stephanie Gore Sports Writer

October 22, 2013

Clinton High’s undefeated Dark Horses secured a 7-0 shutout home win against Trask Monday night. Adding to the victory was the fact that it was senior night for the home team and a record-breaking night for its members.

Starting off the night with a tough battle, the Horses began their game at 26:05 with Spell Carr on the first goal. That led off a scoring furor by the Horses, who put 2 more in the net to finish out the half.

Coming back to the field with a new found confidence, the Horses showed their opponent just exactly what they were up against as the team played tough, competitive soccer, racking up 4 more goals before ending the night with the shutout performance.

But Clinton took home more than just an average win. During the game, the team broke the record of having the most goals scored in one season, with a total of 114 goals so far. Seniors Luis Aguilar and Eric Bradshaw tied for breaking the record of having the highest single season score. Both Aguilar and Bradshaw have a total of 24 goals, breaking Dark Horse Adam Smith’s record from 2008.

On the evening with goals and assists, Luis Aguilar had 3 goals, Eric Bradshaw had 2 goals, Spell Carr had 1 goal, and Wyman Faison had 1 goal. Will Reagan, Ivan Palencia, Trevor Brewington, and Luis Aguilar each shared an assist for Clinton.

Clinton High School’s senior soccer players for this season are No. 3 Corey Gilpin, No. 7 Trevor Brewington, No. 8 Mark Horne, No. 9 Wyman Faison, No. 10 Adriel Coello, No. 14 Edgar Flores, No. 15 Eric Bradshaw, No. 16 Edwin Acosta, No. 18 Jose Aguilar, No. 21 Will Reagan, No. 22 Luis Aguilar, and No. 23 Marcus Faison.

The varsity team is now 18-2 on the season and 13-0 in conference. They will play at Wallace, whose record is 12-1 for conference, Wednesday.

“I was very happy about Senior Night. We have a great group of 12 dedicated and committed seniors this year and I was very happy for them and their families” stated head coach Brad Spell about his Horses.