A great day for us, Sampson

October 30, 2013


Saturday, Oct. 12 was a wonderful day for me and my sons, and although our hearts were filled with pride, we were so humbled by the sense of love in our community of Sampson County.

The Sampson County Sports Hall of Fame, as is the Sampson County Museum of History, is a treasure that will live for years as a tribute to people who are creative, responsible and professional. Our joining Faye Gay in the ceremony was meaningful as we knew the close friendship of our husbands, Fes and Nathan. We saw the dreams that had been fulfilled by those who were excited and willing to work to bring a focus on the wonderful sports heritage that held so much promise for many of our youth, and on the history of Sampson County.

At the risk of forgetting someone who had a vital role in the climax of planning and coordinating this event, the names of Tim Pope, Jimmy Sinclair, Tony Rackley, Jeannie and David King and Sampson Community College surface, along with others who were so instrumental in making this dream a reality. All of those involved will continue to have the gratitude of the Turlington family.

Fes, I and our sons have known that the core of our country’s progress never lay in the larger, urban areas of our lives. The main core is, and has always been, in areas such as Sampson County, where people appreciate and honor their communities and are willing to contribute their time and money to support its goals. Our friends must not lose their dreams that evolve into progress for our community.

All of us are and will always be proud to have grown up in Sampson County, where our love and gratitude will always be rooted.

With thanks

and gratitude

Ann Tyson Turlington,

Lee, Ed and Ken