Middle Raiders avenge loss with OT win

David Johnson Sports Writer

October 31, 2013

The Midway Middle Raiders avenged an early season loss to the Hobbton Middle Wildcats Wednesday taking an overtime 34-28 win.

Midway scored 20 points the first half but were held to one score by the Wildcats in the second half. They had a 20-8 lead at the break. The Raiders struck first on a 54 yard scoring run. The point after failed.

The Wildcats went up 8-6 early in the second quarter. The point after counted for the Wildcats.

Midway came right back scoring on a short run up the middle to go up 12-8. The point after changed it to 14-8 on a pass reception. The Raiders would score again late in the second quarter but would fail to the the point after and.

They had the ball first in the second half and scored on the kick-off return. They scored the point after on a pass. The score was 28-8.

Halfway through the third quarter, the Wildcats scored on a 50-yard scamper up the middle cutting the margin to 20-14. The point after failed. The Wildcats then picked up a Raider fumble and scored again to cut the Raider lead to 28-20.

With 1:38 left in the game, the Wildcats tied it up at 28 each after both teams tried to burn nearly all the fourth quarter clock.

In the overtime period, Hobbton had first chance but failed to score. Midway won the game on a 3rd down play.