Union Intermediate enchants during Parent Night

November 14, 2013

Parents, students, family members and staff were welcomed to Union Intermediate School on Nov. 7f for an enchanted night of educational activities. The theme for the evening was “The Enchanted Forest.”

As the visitors entered the foyer of the school, they were welcomed by a huge open book and two knights to begin their “once upon a time” journey. As the participants streamed into the gym through the snow crusted castle doors, they were greeted by teachers who fitted them with crowns, scepters, and treats to enjoy the centers for math and science activities.

Students received programs shaped like castles which were punched to identify the centers in which they were engaged. As the students moved from area to area, they trailed through the enchanted forests and viewed the array of lighted castles and involved themselves in a wide range of math and science literacy activities. These activities included technology events, examining genetics and heredity, measuring castles and writing about their experiences.

The walls of the gym were decorated with family crests for each teacher’s class. Each teacher’s crest was made up of smaller crests made by each child in their class. As the visitors reached the end of their journey in the Enchanted Forest, they indulged in rainbow punch and teacakes. All participants and families had pictures made in front of the Union Intermediate Castle.

At the conclusion of the evening, the visitors reluctantly left by way of the lighted forest. The students placed their completed programs in a small castle replica for a drawing of the book set: “The Chronicles of the Enchanted Forest.” Thus, another night at the magical place of learning called Union Intermediate School.