Union Intermediate holds winter intramurals

December 21, 2013

Union Intermediate School held its winter intramurals the week of Dec. 17. Keagan Warren, PE & Health teacher for UIS, headed up the event.

“Intramurals went very well this year,” Warren said. “This year’s game was handball, a mixture of soccer and basketball. I am proud of all teams for playing hard! We have worked on this in physical education for the past couple of weeks and it really paid off for all classes.”

The fourth grade champion was Ms. Lane’s homeroom and the fifth grade champion and UIS school champion was Mrs. Gay’s homeroom.

“Congratulations to all students, and a big thanks to Mr. Workman and Mrs. Burley for all the hard work that they put in to help make this a success. I look forward to spring intramurals/field day!” he said.