Zeng files for second term on city school board

By Sherry Matthews Editor

February 17, 2014

Current Clinton City Board of Education chairwoman Georgina Zeng will seek a second term in office, a fact made official Monday when she signed on the dotted line at Sampson’s Board of Election office.

Surrounded by daughters Chole, Leah and Erica at the filing, Zeng said her decision to seek another four years on the board was marked by a desire to continue her support of educational excellence for all the children in the city schools system.

“We have made real progress in the last four years,” Zeng stressed Monday. “Our board has become very cohesive. We work well together and with our superintendent, and I just wanted an opportunity to continue what we have started. We’ve become a good team, and that took time. Keeping our board together will help us grow our school system and make it even stronger than it already is.”

For Zeng, it’s all about the children first, followed closely by a desire to ensure Clinton City’s faculty and staff are provided the tools they need to best educate students.

“I’m serving on the school board because of my commitment to the community is one that his wholehearted and genuine. Our community livelihood lies in the promise to our youth of a commitment to education that is unprecedented and diligent with a positive outcome,” Zeng noted.

“As a board, through the policies we adopt, we have a duty to provide the opportunity for every children to succeed. We have to instill in our kids the ability to dream, to reach for the stars.”

And she wants young people and educators to understand what great opportunities America offers in terms of educating all its children.

As a child growing up in Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, India, Zeng’s education was far different from the students she now is charged with providing quality schooling.

“Comparing education from two different parts of the world when they seem so disparate has been an interesting experience,” Zeng wrote in a paper talking about education. “The most obvious discrepancy comes down to the fact that in the United States of America we believe in educating all for free. This is considered a privilege unknown to the children in Inda.”

Zeng has lived in Clinton for 22 years and, for 20 of them ran a successful business, Zeng’s Chinese restaurant. While she still owns the property and leases the business, Zeng has spread her wings to new ventures, serving now as a real estate agent for Clinton Realty.

But it’s her role as a school board member that she cherishes most — a close second only to her role as a mother of three growing girls — because of the opportunity it affords her to reach help children from all walks of life in a meaningful way.

“A school board members sets policy and works with the superintendent to ensure that the programs we have are benefiting all our students. I’ve watched our system grow over the last four years, and we are doing some really good things, things that I want to see continued.

“Our board brings a lot to the table. We have different ideas, all good ideas, and we respect one another and we work together for what’s in the best interest of students. This is important for any board, but particularly for a school board, I think,” Zeng said.

What’s more, it’s a way to give back, something Zeng believes is important.

“I love this community and I support this community in any way I can,” said Zeng, a member of the Clinton-Sampson Rotary Club and the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. “There’s no better way to help the community than ensuring that its young people have every opportunity at a good education.”