Knowing God in a deeper way

By Milley Brewington Contributing Columnist

February 28, 2014

Imagine walking into a room filled with people. You search the crowd, desperately looking for a familiar face, and finally see your best friend across the room. This person knows and loves you for who you are, and you instantly feel comforted and secure because he or she is there. Isn’t it great to have such a strong friendship? But what’s more remarkable is that the Lord wants an even deeper relationship with each of His children.

Have you ever considered how God singled out humanity from all the rest of His creation (Psalm 8) so we could truly know Him? He gave us senses, intellect, and emotions so we’d be able to interact with our environment and connect with each other, but something more was required — a spirit. This is what separates us from the rest of His earthly creation. You’ll never see the plants and animals loving and worshipping the Lord.

Yet that’s not all God has done to draw us to Himself. His love and care for us are displayed throughout His creation. He skillfully designed the earth to be the perfect setting for mankind. As I’ve traveled the world on many trips, I’ve been awe-struck by the majesty of the mountains or the crystal clarity of a lake, the ancient ruins of Rome, the experience of being in the same areas in Israel where Jesus lived and walked, and being baptized in the Jordan River in 1998. God loves us so much that He created this world and filled it with beauty for our enjoyment. He even gives hope and assurance in the dark times by reminding us that just as the sun comes up, so His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).

The Lord has done everything possible to reach out to us, but the question we must ask ourselves is, have I positioned myself to hear and respond? You see, the Lord is looking for people who are willing to listen and know Him more deeply. That means we have to make ourselves available by just sitting quietly with Him, reading His Word, and spending time in prayer.

There’s another important element in cultivating an intimate relationship with God — surrender. When you yield yourself fully to Him, He’s able to reveal more of Himself to you. And you’ll be shocked at what He can do in your life when you say, “Yes, Lord, whatever You desire is what I want.” That’s the kind of relationship God longs to have with you. Believe me, it’s the most rewarding and satisfying experience you’ll ever have.