Taking learning outside the classroom walls

March 9, 2014

On Feb. 27, FCCLA /FACS students at Clinton High School extended an extra lesson plan while enjoying dinner at Miyabi-Kyoto Japanese Steak House in Fayetteville.

Learning strategies ranged from healthy cooking methods to basic table setting with continental meal style service, teachers said.

Students were able to experience different types of meat selections like teriyaki chicken, rib-eye steaks and shrimp. They were amazed to watch the chefs as they showed off they culinary skills, preparing zucchini and onions with soy sauce, cooking fried rice, and cutting and slicing appetizer shrimps.

The evening was a great reward for FACS teachers, Tracy Hatcher, Jeannette Butler and Donna Owens as students were engaged within the dining simulation. “We would like to thank the students for their wonderful behavior while attending on this field trip,” the teachers shared. “Together, as a group, we collaborated on the variety of learning objectives that were seen during the evening’s trip to connect the classroom curriculum material.”