SCC counselors meeting promotes student growth

March 24, 2014

Sampson Community College hosted its annual guidance counselors meeting late last week on campus. This event is held by the SCC Student Services staff and welcomes counselors and Career Development Counselors from Sampson County and Clinton City schools.

The purpose is not only to express appreciation to all the counselors that work so hard with the Sampson Community College staff but to collaborate on issues that can assist and ensure student success.

Counselors and staff gathered to discuss the process of college administration, financial aid, registration and other specific services and programs offered at SCC.

“Our mission each year is to continue a successful and positive working relationship with all the high schools so that students will have a seamless transition into college and are successful in applying to college and ultimately receiving their degrees, “ said SCC counselor Sharon Leggett, who spearheads the event.

Sr. Paul Hutchins, SCC president, agrees. “Effective communication is a key component to the success of a partnership, “ said Hutchins. Hosting the Counselors from the Clinton City and Sampson County school systems provides a wonderful opportunity for the sharing of information that results in a stronger partnership between Sampson Community College and the two school system’s and better services for students.”

For more information about SCC Admissions and Counseling, please contact Student Services at 592-8084 or visit www.