Sampson Independent SUNC Lifestyles Budget

March 29, 2014

Publication: Samp. Ind.

Date: Sunday, March 30, 2014


No. of sections: 3

C Section

No. of pages: 4


Tease Engagement and School Lunch Menus

Page C1-Page 1 Flag

Lifestyles Template:

C1 – SI033014SUNC-FrontFeature-RefreshYourRoutine

C2 – SI033014SUNC-Eng-GriffinGriess - with pic

SI033014SUNC-LethiaLeecolumn - with Lethia col head

SI033014SUNC-MerrittColumn0328 - with John Merritt col head

SI033014SUNC-SchoolLunchMenus1 - with “What’s Cookin’” reverse header

SI033014SUNC-BirthdaysAnniversaries1 - use bday graphic box

SI033014SUNC-Standalone-CarolinaDance (can hold or move to C4)

SI033014SUNC-UnderTheShadeTree - with Marie col head and “Under the Shade Tree” reverse header (can hold or move to C4)

SI033014SUNC-KevelFlyTies - with pic (can hold or move to C4)

C4 —SI033014SUNC-Standalones-BattleOfBooks-Elem - all 4 pics must run - please try to use both head and subhead

SI033014SUNC-Filler-SpringBrunch - with pic (filler so can move at your discretion)

*TV grids on this page*