Join us at MyOwn

April 3, 2014

Back in October, The Sampson Independent and its parent company Civitas Media brought a new and exciting online venue to Sampson County, a social media site where folks can go to share stories, ideas, recipes, upcoming events, your child’s first home run or their first steps, your favorite recipes, snippets of a Sunday school class or even a church sermon. And that’s just to name a few of the uses residents can get from this wonderful site.

It’s called MyOwnClinton, the first of what could be many community sites we will bring to Sampson County that invite you to share information with your friends and neighbors in a town square type atmosphere reminiscent of how people often gathered years ago to talk about things that were important to them and their community.

We teamed with sponsors Sampson Regional Medical Center and Sampson Community College to initiate this new site which has already been a hit among many residents who have used it for its unique calendar, to spread the word about something going on in their neighborhood and to share information about their children and special events in their lives.

It is our hope, as this social site continues to catch on across the county that many, many others will join the bandwagon, using the site as it was intended — your very own avenue to get the word out. is a venture designed to bring people together in a social media atmosphere that is purely local and designed to be exactly what users want it to be by virtue of the information they share there.

That’s why we are taking this time to encourage you to sit back, turn on your laptops and visit and begin using this hyper-local news and information site, posting video of your child’s first touchdown or goal, information about your church’s homecoming or a photo of your child’s baptism, times and dates of local happenings, or thoughts on the latest actions taken by the City Council, Board of Education or county commissioners.

There’s even a place that you can start your own blog, sharing your opinions and ideas.

It’s all right there at your fingertips and can first be shared on MyOwn and then easily linked to Facebook, Twitter or any number of other social sites.

It’s easy and, what’s more, it’s a completely free community site.

What makes MyOwn Clinton special? It offers community interaction at its best. Whether sharing photos or videos of local events or informing the community of upcoming events and local news items, MyOwn Clinton is the site where you, as a member of the community, keep the community in the know.

The site is fast becoming a virtual buffet of news and information.

Both the hospital and community college are continuing to utilize the site to keep you informed about upcoming health classes and student events, doctors may soon be sharing, through blogs or columns, and SCC students will utilize the site as an avenue to get the word out about any number of happenings.

Those same uses are available to all site visitors, and we encourage those who haven’t to begin using it now, and telling your friends about it, too. We want you to make your social gathering place, your virtual town square, using it to share those things that are important to you.

It doesn’t take the place of the newspaper; it’s in addition to it, just another service to members of our community.

In fact, we will peruse the site to look for unique postings we can, in turn, publish in the paper, offering additional exposure to those special moments in your life posted at MyOwn.

So join us, won’t you, at and start sharing today.

Submitting is easy. Just log on, click the “tell your story” on the navigation bar and then follow the prompts to upload photos, video or post a story or blog. All you need is a unique user name and password, which can easily be accessed on initial sign-in to the site, and will be protected by us.

You can also comment on posts and photos. In fact, we encourage it, asking participants to keep in mind that this is a place for community interaction but not a place for personal attacks or dirty laundry. MyOwn is a community site, designed to offer positive information that can be shared by, and with, young and the young at heart.

We hope you continue to enjoy the site and allow it to become your online place to visit for community information and sharing.