HCA third-graders bring wax museum to life

May 22, 2014

Harrells Christian Academy third-graders recently transformed their classroom into a museum and invited friends, family, and HCA students and staff to come by for a visit. The items on display in this exhibit were especially interesting because they were the third-graders, posing as “living” wax figures. However, the students were not posing as themselves, but as a famous person.

This “living” wax museum stemmed from an assignment given by third grade teacher Denise Scronce. After reading biographies in class, Scronce asked her students to choose someone they admired or found interesting, living or dead, and complete a biography on the person they chose.

The students began this project by getting to know everything they possibly could about their person through lots of research. After the biographies were written, the third graders completed portraits of their subjects in art class. Finally, the subjects came to life in the wax museum as each student dressed as his or her subject and brought in props to make the depiction even more realistic. As visitors entered the museum, they found each third grader standing completely still at his or her desk. Each desk had a makeshift button on it to press. When a visitor pressed the button, the third grade wax figure came to life and told the story of the person they were portraying. After the story was shared, the wax figure became motionless again until the next visitor made them come to life once more. These figures included people such as Bethany Hamilton, Walt Disney, Tim Tebow, Taylor Smith, Annie Oakley, Jackie Robinson, Clara Barton, and many others.

Because the third-graders had so much fun with this project, they almost forgot that they were learning so many different skills. Aside from the literature and writing aspects, students learned public speaking skills, responsibility, organizational skills and life skills. This was also an exciting learning experience for all the older and younger HCA students, faculty members, and parents who visited the HCA “Living” Wax Museum.