Making it count

By Chase Jordan

June 3, 2014

Through her words, Taylor Aman expressed why every American should have the right to cast a ballot.

“The right to vote is very important because not only does it make certain that every citizen's thoughts and perspectives are brought forth in elections, it also embodies the spirit of American democracy,” Taylor wrote in an essay. “As you may know, we have struggled in the past of making sure that everyone is given the right to vote equally and fairly.”

Through an essay contest, the Hobbton High School sophomore recently received third place for her expressions. She entered the contest through the North Carolina Bar Association's Law-Related Education program. The title of her work was “The Significance of 2014 Law Day and Making Every Vote Count.”

Law Day is observed annually May 1 in the United States and its purpose is to reflect on the role of law in society.

After being notified about being third in the statewide contest, her thought was “wow.” It was a great accomplishment for Taylor.

She received encouragement from her social studies teacher Carly Folgleman. The educator was proud of her accomplishments.

“I feel thoroughly pleased and excited that one of my students has achieved such a great accomplishment,” Folgleman said. “To be in such a rural area, it's unheard for a lot of kids to win or be in the top three in a state award.”

While preparing the essay, Taylor struggled and wondered if the essay was going to be good enough but Folgleman knew she could do well.

“I knew that she had the potential to go far,” she said. “I knew she would do well and I really wanted her to go for that.”

It's a feat Taylor can add to a college application along with other activities which include Volleyball, Future Business Leaders of America, Student Government Association and the Beta Club.

With a couple of more years left at Hobbton High School, Taylor's future plans are not set but it may include the healthcare field.

Folgleman said Taylor's participation in the contest has set an example for her peers.

“I think now they believe in themselves enough to know that if they were to enter a contest, they'll have the potential to do well,” Folgleman said. “It's been a great experience.”