Tanker reportedly carrying over 6,500 gallons of fuel

June 19, 2014

A tanker reportedly carrying over 6,500 gallons of fuel remained on its side near the U.S. 421/701 bypass merge just north of the Sunset Avenue interchange Thursday after lunch, as rescue workers and emergency crews tried to clean up the spill and reroute traffic.

The tanker reportedly spilled both diesel fuel and gas onto the roadway, knotting traffic in both lanes of travel.

Police, fire and rescue remained on the scene, along with a Hazmat team out of Fayetteville, working to clear the spill.

City officials said a few minutes ago that the site was under control, but both lanes of travel remained closed, with traffic being re-routed as the clean-up got under way.

Sand and buffers were being put out.

The city’s wastewater plant was not impacted, city officials noted.

“We are keeping an eye out but everything should be fine due to the geography,” one city official noted.

The driver of the truck was being treated for what is believed to be minor injuries.

There was no information yet on how long the road would be closed to traffic.

No further details available at this time. Watch the website for updates.