Vital Statistics

By Emily Brown

July 5, 2014

Marriage Licenses

William Tyndall and Beulah Blackman

Quinn Peterson and Tammy Jacobs

Sidney Hawkins and Carolyn Jernigan

Samuel Wheeler and Sarah-Ann Howell


June 11 Joel Osteen Dacien: parents Jean and Martine Dacien

June 17 Kay’den Ny’sir Carr: mother Valerie Carr

June 17 Eloy Jr Cavazos: parents Eloy Cavazos and Ericka Jimenez

June 17 Norma Jenibel Rodriguez Portillo: parents Julio Galeas and Norma Rodriguez

June 17 Sofia Del Carman Rodriguez: mother Santana Medina

June 19 Jasmine Guerrero Martinez: parents Saul Mejia and Mylena Inestroza

June 19 Suri Lizeth Ruiz Martinez: mother Rina Martinez

June 20 Tobias Matthew Conner: mother Carolyn Conner

June 20 Nathan Alexander Mendieta Mata: parents Erick and Miriam Mendieta

June 20 Trentom Lee Powell: parents Dustin and Katrina Powell

June 21 Jackson Eli Harper: parents James Harper and Heather Jones

June 21 Bielka Monserrath Vasquez Lopez: mother Ella Gomez

June 22 Tristen Edward Coble: mother Lindsey Heath

June 22 Arabella Esperanza Flores: parents Cesar and Holly Flores

June 22 Mia Almarey Pineda Rodriguez: mother Ana Rodriguez

June 21 Cameron Trayvon Kemp: parents Travis Kemp and Vanessa Royal

June 22 Ja’michael Zarron Bowden: parents Michael Bowden and Waynica Bradshaw

June 23 Jordan Yandel Olivera: parents Leo Hernandez and Cynthia Rojas

June 24 Chance River Anderton: parents Larry and Stephanie Anderton


June 20 Edwin Purcell

June 20 Milton Byrd

June 22 James Absher

June 22 Stephen Maready

June 23 Glenn Carter

June 20 Benjamin Crumpler

June 21 Bennie Giddens

June 22 William Culbreth

June 25 Margarita Martinez-Chavez

June 18 Melissa Reyes

June 25 Mattie Sampson

June 27 LeAnne Monroe

Land Transfers

Lucy Lewis to Lucy Lewis Trust

Julia Pinzon to Janet Herring

Pamela and William Ruggles to Daniel and Lillian Ruggles

Deborah and Millard Owen, and trust to Maria Meza

Joe and Lois Pearsall to Fronzie and Wendy Phillips

Yoges Naidu to Marcia Sutherland

Sherline Bass to Marion, Michael and Sherline Bass

Betty Jackson to Betty and Ellis Jackson and Jennifer Marley

Angilea and William Tew to Carol and Timothy Tew

Christopher Desentz to Latasha and Robert Gaddy

Naomi Herring to Floyd Lee

Jose Padilla and Justa Ramiriez to Elvin Chavarria

Denise Rowlett to Alonzo Vann

Angie, Dorothy, James and John Bass, Metton Littie, Velva Littie, Karen and Ted Satterfield, Gerald Carbrough, Wanda Shaffer, Edward Spell and Mattie Sumner to Dixies and John Bass

Robert and Sharon Booth to Renita Bell

Tammy and William Maynor to April and William Sessoms

Mae Harris to Linda Faircloth, James Harris, Barbara Jackson and Gladys Williams

Catherine and Haywood Peterson to Adam and Crystal White

Sampson Community College to Brenda and Dennis Hicks

Glenn and Leanne Page to Benjamen and Wanda Holden

Lambert Brewington to Michael Brewington

Lambert Brewington to David McArthur Sr.

Bettie H. Carrol Living Trust to Royce Carroll

John and Susan Hendrix to Steven Coombs

Gregory and Janette Chestnutt to Bacillia Romero

Pamela and Robert Strickland to Monica Morgan, Jonathan Strickland, Pamela Strickland and Robert Strickland

Robert Fann Family to K&T Family Farm

Roy and Wendy Tew to Offie Tew

AB and Carolyn Jackson to AB and Carolyn Jackson and Paulette and Ricky Wooten

Alton and Carolyn Jackson to Alton and Carolyn Jackson and Paulett and Ricky Wooten

Elbie Powers to Jesus Morales

Nadila Korotaieva and Eddie Pollard to Kyle and Patrick Smith

Bridget and Jonah Bradshaw and Bridget and Hugh Britt to Natalie and Travis Bullard

George, Keith and Mary Thornton to Elvia Acahua and Maximo Gutierrez

Mary Parker to Harrell Parker

Justin and Morgan Matthews to William Roffy

Ashley and Tiffany Holland to Barry and Cathy Teague, Betty, Brandon, Bridgett, Evelyn, Jeffrey and Karen Tyler to Jeffrey and Karen Tyler

Margaret and Michael Hayes to Zollar Hayes

Zollar Hayes to Michael and Zollar Hayes

Elizabeth and Wesley Wooten to Wesley Wooten

Joseph Peterson to Arthur Coston

Angela and Aretha Stewart to BJ Johnson

Dolly Lane and Danny Naylor to John Spell

Ramona and Walton Hall to Angela Tousey

Ramona and Walton Hall to Catrena, Ramona, Walton Hall and Angela Tousey

Marcella Gonzalez and Jose Hernandez to Rosa Martinez

Gene and Mary Ritz to Nam and Xiaojing Ko