A UW ‘Bounty’ worth supporting

July 23, 2014

The United Way of Sampson County has once again outdone itself, developing yet another ingenious idea that spreads the word about the needs the nonprofit organization attempts to meet while, at the same time, coming up with a fundraising adventure in which everyone seems to want to be a part.

And it’s coming back for a second year.

The first-ever “Outstanding in Our Fields” event proved hugely successful in 2013, with people clamoring for the 100 tickets available, and we are certain it will be that way again this year as plans unfold for what has been slated as a Sept. 20 event in 2014.

Being dubbed “Outstanding in Our Fields: The Bounty,” this year’s fundraising, while formed in the same mold as the inaugural event, will be different in season and dinner selections, focusing on those foods being harvested during the fall. But the same ambiance, the same fellowship and the same focus — raising money to help address community needs — will highlight the evening, with the added pleasure of having United Way board members actually serve the meal, a fitting tribute by that group which always believes in putting service above themselves.

Tickets for this event go on sale Aug. 11; contributions toward making the event a success are already being accepted.

We certainly hope “The Bounty” will be as successful as the first “Outstanding”event, realizing its success helps United Way continue its efforts. It should be because in every way, “Outstanding in Our Fields” is, well, outstanding.

When local UW board members devised the Hog Wild event several years ago, we believed it to be the kind of fundraising that combined all the right ingredients — community involvement, support of something important to Sampson and a focus on all things local. And, quite frankly, we weren’t sure they would ever be able to top it.

We were wrong. The “Outstanding in Our Fields” fundraiser combines all those things, and the success of the 2013 event is a testament to the kind of exciting community events the nonprofit organization can put on, all in an effort to raise money — and awareness.

But as sought-after as this event is, and as delicious as we know the meal will be, both are secondary to what this and every other United Way fundraising is all about — telling the story of those being helped by every dollar raised by this nonprofit.

While United Way has many supporters in Sampson already, they, like most other nonprofits, can use more. And getting that support starts with defining the need and how this organization meets it with the money raised and ends with success stories that can be found in every UW-supported agency.

The dollars raised by United Way, 98 percent of which stays right here helping Sampson people, fulfill great needs, whether its money spent building a wheelchair ramp for a handicapped senior citizen, providing a Girl Scout uniform for a youngster who could ill afford to buy it on her own or teaching a child how to stop, drop and roll in the event of a fire.

Our United Way does amazing things because of an amazing community which supports it and, in turn, the agencies funded by it.

This year’s “Outstanding in Our Fields” event is just another way of providing that support.