Birthdays and Anniversaries


March 27

Doris Holland

Linda Herring

Marie Roberts

Nicole Newkirk

Mildred Tew

March 28

Betty Carr

Carolyn Williams

Tangia Horsley

Carolyn C. Williams

Virginia Joyner

Eddie Vargas

Ethel Hall

March 29

Kenny Williams

Rev. Chubby Reiber

Minnie Brewington

Denise Scronce

Cathy Brown

Bookert Draughon

Pearl Mitchum

Gertrude Smith

Jessica Powell

Bookert Draughon

Jane Jackson

March 30

Eloise Williams

Annjuelle Royal

Carolyn Vann

March 31

Sara Teasdale

Jeffrey Testerman

Sarah Todd

Glenda Moore

Tiffany Smiling

Nicholas Hobbs

April Jones

Leola Hobbs

Myrtle Collins

April 1

Paris Boone

James Absher

Ara Lewis

Darcy-Ava K. Hobbs

Eva P. Hobbs

Charles Troyon

April 2

Emilly Baggett

Robert L. Brown, Jr.


March 27

Toby and Melba Boyette

March 30

Brandon and Mandy Warren

April 1

Timmie and Ellen Jones

April 2

Randy and Anita Lane


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A dream home come true
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Court child ban vacated
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