Birthdays and Anniversaries


April 17

Ricky Precise

Brittany Cottle

Dallas Draughon

Denise Edge

Patricia Parker

Derrick Coley

Maureen O’Dell

LaQuisha Faison

Jannie Bell

Dorthea Mosley

April 18

Emma Moore

Patrice Carlton

Sherrie Edwards

Nora Evans

Joanne Boone

Isiah Herring

Mauriette Kinsley

Mary Whitley

April 19

Ernestine Lindly

Sandra Tew

Hubert Fryar

Anita Simpson

Ciara Michelle Stuart

Emily Goodchild

Shirley Spears

April 20

Beth Reynolds

Richard Uribe

Zoey Brewer

William Warren

Sarah Simmons

Victoria Caldwell

Alice Faircloth

April 21

Kristy Murphy

Joy Pope

Billy Ray Jordan, Sr.

Eva Koonce

Edward Edwards

Charles Grider

Sadie Faison

Lisa Vann

Kristy Stewart

April 22

Tucker Carroll

Lisa Turlington

Wixie Parker

Faye Gaddy

April 23

Don Vann

Peggy Dudley

Blake Southerland


April 19

Eddie and Angela Barefoot

Matt and Anita Teasdale

Howard and Doris Hobbs


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A dream home come true
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Court child ban vacated
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