Tickets for women’s conference available

Tickets for the WomenWhoInspire conference will be available Monday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Sampson Community College.

If you take a moment and close your eyes to think of a women who has given you inspiration, a specific person may come to mind, a family member, teacher, co-worker, community member or many others. As women wear many different hats throughout each chapter of life, each “hat” can offer inspiration to others.

Sampson Community College is honored to host WomenWhoInspire, a conference built to motivate and empower women on the campus of SCC on Friday, Oct. 21. Business owners and business professionals alike will lead the day of events with raw discussion about the many hats we each wear daily, starting with a panel discussion about each role they play within our community.

“We are excited to bring such a collaborative event to Sampson Community College as we set to reach the needs of the many women entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs in Sampson and Duplin counties,” Amanda Bradshaw, director of the SCC Small Business Center and the initiator of this event, said. “We recognize that there is a huge need for an awesome network of women with deep experiences that are both business related and personal in the act of balancing each of the many hats we wear daily. Each breakout seminar has been designed with the working professional or business owner in mind.”

Following the opening panel, breakout sessions have been designed to reach the needs of the female entrepreneur to the stay-at-home mom to help build engagement and further personal and economic development in our communities. Breakout sessions include “Getting It All Done: Time Management” “Financial Wellness,” “Why Successful Businesses are Successful,” “What Women Wear,” “Wellness for Women,” and “Make Friends, Create Connections and Get Business.”

The day’s events will be capped off with lunch provided by Southern Smoke out of Garland and feature our keynote speaker, Vivian Howard of Chef and The Farmer out of Kinston. Each attendee will receive an autographed copy of her new book being released this fall.

“As a joint effort between our two Small Business Centers, I believe there is a real need for support, information and workshops to support women entrepreneurs, especially in rural counties like Sampson and Duplin,” Lee Woodard, director of James Sprunt Community College Small Business Center, said. “There are so many excellent workshops for this conference and we are all especially excited about having Vivian Howard as our keynote speaker in addition to our catered food from our local entrepreneurs.”

Lisa Turlington, executive director of the SCC Foundation and committee member for WomenWhoInspire, added that having lived in Clinton for over 25 years, she has known some pretty incredible women through work, family, church and friends.

“We all juggle many roles and responsibilities and face varied challenges and setbacks, but sharing the experiences with other women helps make us all stronger and more creative,” Turlington said. “Vivian Howard has a lot of fans in Sampson County who are looking forward to hearing her speak and to reading her book. Her approach to cooking and raising a family mirrors that of many women in North Carolina. It will be fun to have her on campus.”

As the festivities close for the day, an Open Market will be a fun opportunity for women to shop and provide 20 of Sampson and Duplin’s brightest female owned small businesses an opportunity to showcase their business.

Steve Stefanovich, president of GO Automotive adds, “we are pleased to be a sponsor of the WomenWhoInspire event at the college. This is a great example of bringing special events to our community by small business and the college collaborating.”

Additional sponsors include Prestage Farms, Smithfield, Caison Enterprises, Southeastern Outdoor Products, Huff Orthopaedic Group, Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce, Duplin County Economic Development Commission, International Minute Press, James Sprunt Community College Small Business Center, Sampson Community College Small Business Center and Sampson Community College Foundation.

With a limited number of seats available, please save the date for Monday, June 6, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. as tickets will be for sale in the North Building at Sampson Community College (1801 Sunset Avenue, Clinton). Tickets are $55/person which includes all of the event’s festivities, lunch and an autographed copy of Vivian Howard’s new book along with other local items. For more information, please call Amanda Bradshaw at 910-592-8081.

Tickets for the WomenWhoInspire conference will be available Monday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Sampson Community College. for the WomenWhoInspire conference will be available Monday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Sampson Community College.
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