HHS art student shares experience

By Moriah Pate - Hobbton art student

On Nov. 24, the Hobbton High School Art Club officers embarked on a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art for an eventful day. Hobbton High art student Moriah Pate will share her story in this article.

I can’t even begin to describe what was going through my mind when I first walked into the North Carolina Museum of Art. A restaurant entitled “Iris” greets you as you walk in and whole wall is covered in woven spheres pf twigs and tree limbs. You would think otherwise, but the décor didn’t make the place look unprofessional. It made it look complete in a sense, like a big cherry on top of ice cream. After sitting down, we were served by a kind waitress and warm welcomes, adding to the extravagant tastes of our lunch. I promise you, the food there tasted like art! It was like nothing else I have ever had. It was a burst of textures and flavors in each bite.

After lunch, we were guided by a lady into a room full of preserved pieces of some of Leonardo’s Advance’s Artwork: The Codex: Leicester, just one of his many sketchbooks that he kept. The sketchbook was taken apart and displayed so that people could see his legacy. There, I discovered what he researched and how he saw the world. I feel that he and I both see the world in the same light. We both were and are very observant. Apart from the sketchbook pages, there were quotes from him written on the wall. Each one was so… I don’t’ know, —“Intelligent”? And artistic. It simply made your mind see color in the words.

Moving on to the second artist’s work we observed, M.C. Escher… we witnessed the creator’s work who created tessellations. Many of his images were merging into one another (Metamorphosis) and making a perfect pattern. Not only did he create this peculiar type of art, he drew realistic images of himself looking into a fisheye camera and his hands drawing themselves! They were extremely detailed pieces of art. Something that I discovered about him was that he never did well in art classes—even though he has an incredible collection of his life’s work! Escher actually dropped out on his tutor and found himself more drawn to mathematics and mathematicians. In his mind, It was more of the “solving the equation” than creating an art piece.

We viewed his wide collection of art room by room (there were so many artworks!) and we also were able to see other artist’s work that was scattered about the museum. We also were given the opportunity to walk around the Museum’s Permanent Collection. Afterwards, we left the Museum and stopped by Starbucks on the way home for a treat. I am happy that we did, because we were stuck in traffic for an hour because of the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Overall, our trip was incredible. I highly recommend anyone to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art and discover a world of amazing artists like I did. I left feeling so inspired. I am so happy that my art club adviser, Ms. Jennifer Jackson, was able to provide this opportunity for us.

By Moriah Pate

Hobbton art student



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