County’s visitors guide distributed across state

The cover of the news visitor’s guide shows just what all Sampson County has to offer.

Ray Jordan, Chairman of the Sampson County Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCCVB) Board of Directors, announced today that the 2016 edition of Sampson County Convention and Visitors Bureau Visitor’s Guide has been released for distribution.

“The Sampson County Visitors Guide is a full-color, 32-page brochure that serves as a valuable resource to visitors and travelers visiting or those planning to visit Sampson County,” Jordan said. “In addition, the guide serves as an excellent tool in the promotion and marketing of Sampson County and of the many businesses located throughout Sampson County that serve the traveling public.”

The guide which features the tagline “Cultivate Your Spirit,” has been delivered to all nine North Carolina Welcome Centers located at Interstate and major highway entrances to North Carolina. In addition, the guide will be placed in approximately 23 rack card displays which are located strategically throughout Sampson County. The guide will also be provided to convention and visitor bureau’s that adjoin Sampson County and to other visitor destinations.

The brochure provides contact information and data on approximately 350 Sampson County businesses and/or organizations that offer or provide services to travelers and visitors. Information in the visitors guide is generally classified into four primary areas including: restaurants, lodging providers, area attractions and retail establishments. In addition, over 32 Sampson County businesses or organizations purchased and placed ads that offer more detailed information about their business or services they offer.

“The Visitors Guide is a wonderful resource and is a valuable tool in the Sampson County CVB’s marketing efforts. Many hours and hard work went into producing the 2016 edition. I would like to commend former CVB Director, Vickie Crane for her efforts in producing the guide,” stated newly appointed CVB Director, Sheila Barefoot.

“The travel and tourism industry is very important to the continued economic growth of Sampson County. Enhancing and growing the travel and tourism industry within Sampson County is a key area that can provide increased revenues for our business community and county. These increased revenues, along with the many other benefits that are associated with travel and tourism can prove essential in the preservation of and in improving the quality of life in Sampson County and for its residents,” states CVB Director, Sheila Barefoot. “With its rich history, agricultural heritage, recreational and cultural opportunities, and its people, Sampson County is a great place to visit, work and live and the CVB’s goal is to market Sampson County to potential visitors in a manner that will provide benefits throughout our county.”

Julie Stadig, Secretary, CVB Board and owner of the Ashford Inn stated “the newly printed Visitors Guide along with the CVB website,, will help us to achieve the goals of the CVB including: increasing consumer (visitor) awareness and customer inquiries; increasing Sampson County’s market share of visitors and visits; increasing the number of full-time jobs that are supported by the tourism industry; and in the promotion of Sampson County as a great place to visit, work and live.”

To obtain copies of the visitors guide or for more information, contact Sheila Barefoot, Director, Sampson County Convention and Visitors Bureau at [email protected] or by phone: 910-592-2557. Information also available at

The cover of the news visitor’s guide shows just what all Sampson County has to offer. cover of the news visitor’s guide shows just what all Sampson County has to offer.


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