SCC Vikings stake claim to bright future

By Dan Grubb - From SCC

For decades, Sampson Community College has been a pillar in Clinton and surrounding areas. SCC features a top notch educational option for those seeking a degree, diploma, GED or just take some extra classes to learn or perfect a certain skill that will help with their career or just for fun. But what some may not know about SCC is that for decades, the mascot and nickname has been The Vikings.

The college’s student government association publishes The Viking Voice, a monthly campus newsletter that informs students of upcoming events and activities on the SCC campus. The newsletter offers a wealth of information on student achievement, scholarship opportunities, helpful resources and services available on campus. The hard copy of each edition is posted in the Student Services department and the game room at SCC. It can also be found on the college’s website.

The Viking moniker and mascot was more popular on campus when SCC was part of intercollegiate basketball tournaments years ago and of course, was more widely known and more popular than in recent times. But that is about to change.

The introduction of the college’s new website last year also brought on new philosophies in marketing at the college and a subtle resurgence in the popularity of the “Viking way” in terms of exploration in education. Also, there are discussions taking place on campus regarding the possibility of soccer fields being built on campus and intramural athletics becoming a part of the culture at SCC in the near future.

From there, anything is possible, hence the college’s new tagline “Begin Here Go Anywhere” which, along with the college’s use of the campus clock tower as its formal logo and the new Viking reincarnation, promises to bring a strong identity and recognition to the Sampson Community College brand.

During the late 8th to 11th century, Vikings conquered a number of territories throughout Europe. In popular culture, they are known for their helmets and their big ships. In a lot of societies, Vikings have been symbols of strength, invincibility, and exploration. This is the reason why a number of organizations, groups, and sports teams have adopted the Vikings and their culture as their identity.

Dr. Paul Hutchins, president at SCC is excited.

“The new Viking logo and its use by our Student Government Association re-energizes the Viking as our mascot at SCC,” he says. “We are proud of the new logo and look forward to seeing it displayed in numerous ways on our campus and in the communities we serve.”

Because of pop culture, many believe that Vikings did nothing except fight and pillage and while Vikings did pillage somewhat, plunder was only one among many other goals of their overseas expeditions. Vikings peacefully colonised Iceland, Greenland and many smaller islands. As explorers, they crossed the Atlantic and reached America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. As international merchants of their time, they also peacefully traded with almost every country of the then known world.

“I am excited about the resurgence of The Viking on our campus,” says Dan Grubb, Public Information Officer at SCC. “You will begin to see the new Viking logo pop up in various places on campus and around the community. Who knows? You may soon see a real Viking walking up to you at special events. That will be cool!”

Grubb says he is hoping that students, much like real Vikings, will take on challenges and explore options at the college with the goal being to graduate and find a career that will enhance their options as they go forward.

By Dan Grubb

From SCC
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