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In the 2010 and 2012 national elections, “We, the people…” elected approximately 60 new representatives, commonly referred to as Tea Party, No-Nothing Republicans to the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition, a couple of wacko’s from Texas and Utah were elected to the U.S. Senate.

By “No-Nothing” I don’t mean they aren’t smart. I don’t mean they are not educated, nor crafty and wise. Rather, I mean they know nothing about what the U.S. Government is, or how the infrastructure of the government works, or is supposed to work. And they know nothing about bi-partisan relationships, or the processes of how legislation occurs. They actually believe when they pass a bill in the U.S. House that it becomes law.

Part of their ignorance may be laid at the feet of not having any experience in government, not even as much as serving as a county commissioner. It’s plausible their ignorance is attributed to being the product of the ‘schools of culture’ that gained ascendency in the country 50 years ago i.e. Home-schools and Christian schools. If they are a product of these schools, it’s likely their childhood was fashioned in isolation. Their inability to be civil, pragmatic, and negotiable (and their ineffectiveness in Congress) may be laid at the feet of never being exposed to the public school system of America. At least in public schools a child is required to mix and mingle with others of different faith and order. At least in a public school a child learns that believers and unbelievers are all American, and if not American, they know their little school-yard friend is not the devil incarnate.

This new breed of Tea Party Republicans are all similar in belief and dogma. To a person, they have the air of arrogance. To a person they are apt NOT to be collegial with others of a different belief system. For example, they are unable to negotiate with a Democrat because they see through a black and white prism. To them a Democrat is “the enemy” of America. To them, the color orange is black. Up is down and right is left. The scrambling of their brain may be laid at the feet of their childhood upbringing. Among some of these private school systems (not all but some) a child grows up in a self-righteous environment. Sadly, that environment becomes a snare when they become adults. These schools remind me of the saying once heard at the Bob Jones University, “No sin can be found within five miles of the Fundamental Christian University.” If you believe their motto, I have a 14-story penthouse Ice Igloo Condo on short-sale in Key West, Florida. It’s cheap with a low interest rate.

Seriously, some home-school and Christian school systems are Bob Jones in nature. The children in these self-funded institutions are often unable to emotionally deal with, and negotiate with a vociferous person having opposing views, especially in religion and politics. They see their neighbor either as friend or foe, Republican or Democrat, Jesus or the devil.

In the case of the Tea Party representatives, their brain will not allow them to see a Democrat colleague as a patriot in the U.S. House. Doubtless, their predisposed mind-set suggests that a black president is definitely the enemy of the state. Believing as they do, every person they meet in life is a potential opponent. Sadly, they are collegial only with friends of the same belief system, or of the same faith, or of the same social status, or of the same neighborhood.

Jack Dawsey


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