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Mark Joyner Contributing columnist

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The word “Haunted” strikes fear in most people. Even for investigators, the word carries weight. I along with (Billy Wayne Edwards SPSNC) would assume that the portrayal of Hunted houses by Hollywood plays a big part in our imagination of the word. Although in rare cases, a house or resident that is haunted can be uncomfortable and frightening.

However, in most cases, homes or business where paranormal activity exists, or that have been investigated and proven to contain paranormal activity, haunted, are not usually unpleasant. Shadows, sounds and other paranormal activities are merely attempts to communicate with us. Why ghost or spirits make such attempts to communicate and provide us with glimpses to spark our intrigue is still a mystery. We have to assume that their purpose is to make us aware that there may truly be a life that exists after this life. Or, maybe the spirits are loved ones that look over us, protect us from unseen forces, or comfort us in times of need. Or could it be that they simply do not wish to be forgotten.

In cases that we have investigated, where there is sufficient evidence to conclude the location haunted, animals seem to be more affected by paranormal activity than humans. Animals see things in a different light spectrum than humans; therefore ghosts or apparitions appear more visible to animals. Animals also hear in a different decimal level than humans. Animals seem to be a great tool for detecting spiritual activity. We have also found that children may also be more apt to experience paranormal activity. A major concept is that children do not attempt to rationalize or justify what they see. They see what they see. In many cases children can describe in great detail what they experienced.

Often times, we as investigators, experience radical events of paranormal activity ourselves. It is our intent to catch these events on audio and video recording devices. It is my belief that more people experience paranormal activity than one might think. It is not that we do not see this type of activity it is merely that we, as adults, have trained ourselves not to see or notice things we do not understand. So, the question remains, what makes a location haunted? As investigators we agree not to let our personal feelings or opinions influence our decisions when conducting an investigation and during the review of the evidence. We must look closely at our personal experiences, any video evidence, audio evidence, pictures, EMF detections and K-2 spikes which cannot be explained. EVP responses that respond directly to our questioning during the investigations may often provide us with a name or multiple names of any spirits present. The background research we conduct on the property, including research of death certificates, may sometimes match the names we record on digital recorders. This particular evidence provides substantiality to prove the presence of the person or persons who lived or died on the property. It may also give insight into why they choose to remain at the location. All the elements mentioned are considered in our final determination of whether or not the location is truly haunted.

So why are there haunted locations? Why are ghosts or spirits here? Well, I could simply give my opinion, as many investigators might, but the truth is we really do not know. Most of what we have to go on in regards to the paranormal is theory. And with every area of Science it takes a very long time and endless studies and comparisons to prove hypothesis related to these theories. The one thing I do know for sure is that paranormal is real. As long as there are people who are affected by paranormal activity, be it positive or negative activity, there will be a need for paranormal teams like Night Whispers Paranormal Research Investigations (910-850-8655) & Southern Paranormal Society, NC (910-214-5887) that are willing to donate our time, efforts, and past experiences to help those who are affected by paranormal activity. We provide these efforts and accumulation of evidence to support the advancement of paranormal research.

Our Teams Night Whispers Paranormal Research Investigations & Southern Paranormal Society NC would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have some exciting things for the 2014 year so stay tuned. www.nightwhispersparanormalresearchinvestigations.com/

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