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Becky Spell Vann Contributing columnist

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Do you trust God’s promise of blessing for those who follow His instructions about ‘giving’ and ‘attitudes’ He wants us to have? God knew money would be an issue that could control our minds, so He put emphasis on it in His Word. Think about your own views about money. While we may say one thing and do another concerning money matters, we hide nothing from God. He knows how much we make, spend, give, save, even hoard. So, while you read this story, allow His Spirit to tender your heart about a subject that drives many people crazy: making it, spending it, and storing it up in barns as in the parable of the farmer who built bigger ones and lost all his crop when it rotted away.

Money and possessions are things of this world that will be left behind when our work here is done. We may die rich and famous, but that doesn’t follow us into eternity. If we adhere to Biblical principles concerning money, we will be blessed beyond measure. Wrong mindsets about money drive people into places they never intended to go. Dr. Suess reminds us that some places we go are scary with no way out. Some people are careless and spend thrifty with their money, while others are like Scrooge, a tightwad with a cold heart and fat bank account. God sees our motives in all things, especially when it comes to money.

God knew we would find loopholes and wondrous ways to justify monetary matters in our lives. So, He used His Word for personal, perfect instruction for all monetary situations man would encounter. The starting place is the Bible, with 2,350 verses about money. There are more verses about money than any other topic, proof that its usage can bring blessings or burdens, happiness or heartache, treasures in this world or treasures in heaven. The choice is ours! How we deal with the money we earn, are given, inherit, or however we come by it honestly in this world can mean the difference in how we live here and where we spend eternity.

The Bible never says money is evil; however, His Word clearly reminds us the love of money is the root of all evil. Do we love money to the point that it rules our world? Does being rich and famous mean more to us than being rich in spirit and famous in God’s eyes? Do we store up treasures with no intention of tithing, giving to people in need, helping great causes or ministries devoted to doing God’s work? That’s risky business that God promises leads to places we don’t won’t to do. Monetary success without giving 10% back to God is wrong. What we give over and beyond our tithe is the offering that catches God’s attention and makes us the apple of His eye. Teaching and implementing Biblical principles about money to our children pleases God and helps them more than anything money can buy.

Do we truly believe it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven? Shunning what our Savior taught about money is like playing Russian roulette. More than half of Jesus’ parables use money as object lessons. God knew where our greatest interest and temptations would be, so He spelled out what we would need to know in order to handle our resources with His wisdom.

When we follow Biblical principles with our money affairs, we will truly reap what we sow. One of those verses about money reminds us that God loves a cheerful giver. What kind of giver are you? What do you give…whatever is in your pocket when the plate is passed or your ten percent no matter what Sunday or season? God teaches we are to give cheerfully, generously, and confidently.

God does not want His children to give from guilt or to give boastfully for others to see. He asks that we give with joy in our hearts, for He knows our heart and motives. Are you a joyful giver or a grumpy one? No one in the world may know your financial status, there may be money secrets that keep you away at night, you may live way beyond your means and be on the brink of bankruptcy, you may have loads of money but live like a miser, or you may have a peace in your heart as you live the monetary Biblical principle of giving and have been blessed beyond your wildest imagination. God knows all your monetary deals and deeds and owns all you possess. It’s all His! He doesn’t need our money, not even the ten percent we are taught to tithe. We are enjoying what He has given. Are we good stewards giving cheerfully as we journey through life? God desires to see His children happy and prosperous with praise from our lips, smiles on our faces, and joy in our hearts.

In Malachi 3:10, we are told that when we give to support the Lord’s work, He will open the windows of heaven and impact every area of our lives. What a wonderful promise from a loving Father who keeps His promises and longs for us to keep ours too.

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