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Jack Dawsey Guest columnist

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Does it seem to you that the tendency today in American politics is extreme? I think so.

In 2002 when I resigned my post as a Republican county commissioner (Carteret County), I published an article contending that my party, with whom I was a member of 40 years, had been hijacked by extremists, much like the Democrats were overtaken in the 1960’s.

It’s been 11 years since I renounced the Republicans, and I’m more convinced now than ever of Republican extremism. As a matter of fact, today, I tell my Republican and Democrat friends when they seek donations from me that my birth certificate DISQUALIFIES me from being a Republican or a Democrat. They ask, “How so?” I say “Because my birth certificate has my daddy’s name recorded on it.”

I could cite you a ream of paper examples of the extremism in today’s politics. But for this exercise, let me offer the (SI) reader two or three reasons. First, Republicans in their platitudes insist on a smaller government, less taxes, and a larger military. They also demand Supreme Court justices that are not judicial activists. They say they want to reduce government, but refuse to reduce it with respect to the public-private programs in which they, personally, are invested. They say “cut government programs…” but won’t say which to cut, i.e., Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, or the Military Industrial Complex. These programs, together, make up 86 percent of the total federal budget.

They rant and rave about the federal budget deficit, while demanding a reduction in taxes which they know increases the deficit. They won’t raise taxes to balance the budget; instead they prefer to “borrow” money to increase mandated budget programs like Medicaid Part D, (or to fight a war). They will raise taxes on the poor (by eliminating the support programs the poor rely on), while redistributing income to the highest indentured level, i.e., the nation’s riches corporations that don’t need a tax reduction. By the way, I would like for this new-breed of Republicans and so-called blue-dog conservative Democrats that oppose more government to privately fund their own water and sewer systems in their community. I want them to privately repair their own highway system, i.e., I-40 and I-95 and to operate their own public transportation system. Moreover, I long for the day when these hyper-conservatives will refuse the services of their fire, police, and EMS departments. And while they are at it, I want them to VOLUNTARILY opt out of Social Security, Medicare, (send the check by to the Treasury Department) and to asks their aging mother (if she’s on Medicaid and in a nursing home) to refuse that government program too. Have you ever seen one of these conservatives take grandma out of a Medicaid supported nursing home, and put her “out on the street” under a bridge-overpass, in a sleeping bag?

And since they claim a monopoly on the core virtues of a free market enterprise system, I want these hyper-conservatives to be the “stand-up” person they profess to be and refuse all products made from a closed society like China for whom their patron saint, Richard Nixon, open America’s doors.

And oh, yes, while they advance their phony arguments against “commie” socialism or a Kenyan-born illegal president, I want them to deny their children access to those socialistic schools of public education in NC. And for gGod’s sake, these right-wing, 22-karat ding-a-ling Republicans need to stop buying meat from their local supermarket because that meat was inspected by an undocumented, satanic, racist, socialist, USDA certified food inspector.

In closing, as for the wild-eyed Democrats (who have a habit of substituting opinion for fact) I have some advice for them too. I want them to write the university or state institution from which they graduated and demand a rebate on their education. They could make the charge (and demand a refund), citing: “I got gypped on my education.”

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