Help toy drive lift spirits

There is joy in giving. Sometimes the gifts are large and monetary, other times they are more about time and attention, but no matter what the gift, the giver always winds up receiving as much, if not more, than the recipient.

It’s especially true when the giving involves children and senior adults.

That’s why this time of year we strongly urge consideration be given to special programs, like the Department of Social Services’ annual Christmas Cheer, an annual effort assisted by community partners and individuals that helps foster children and others experience a merry Christmas despite circumstances that have thrust them into unfortunate situations where gifts aren’t usually a top priority.

This year, that program is finding overwhelming support from the community, including a toy drive at Lakewood Country Club that will allow us all to get in on the gift-giving.

Thanks to the efforts of Lynn Pritchard, the drive will be held at LCC Dec. 5, starting at 5 p.m., with the public urged to bring an unwrapped gift, ensuring that the over 130 foster care kids and the 30-some adult wards will feel as special as our own children come Christmas morning.

Between Pritchard’s efforts and what we hope will be a continued surge in response from the Sampson community as a whole, it appears children who will be away from their families this Christmas will find gifts with their names attached this holiday season.

“Our wish is that every child have at least a full outfit and something from their toy wish list,” noted Tracey Odom, foster care/social work supervisor for Sampson’s DSS in a Sampson Independent article that ran Wednesday.

We share that wish, and we take it one step further, hoping that those who chose to give — by delivering an unwrapped toy to Lakewood Country Club the day of the toy drive or adopting one of the foster kids by way of purchasing needed items for them — will find as much joy in making Christmas special as those whose spirits they are lifting.

There’s no doubt they will.

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