Cashwell a real-life hero

Kyle Cashwell is an amazing man.

We’ve known it for a long time now, as we’ve watched the one-time EMS first responder fight his way back from a horrific life-changing tragedy that caused him to lose an arm and a leg. And we were reminded of it yet again Tuesday, as Cashwell put himself through moments most would not want to ever re-live.

With service to others still coursing through his veins, Cashwell, this week, was part of an amazing real-life re-enactment of his own traumatic event, one that will be used to help celebrate Duke University Medical Center staff and the lives they’ve impacted later this year.

Using many of the same first-responders who made their way to the corn field in 2014 where Cashwell writhed in pain after having his limbs mangled in a corn picker, the video, produced by Contract Creative for Duke Hospital, will detail Cashwell’s entire ordeal, from rescue to recovery.

That Cashwell was willing to be a part of a video re-enacting the most traumatic day of his life is amazing in itself. The fact that it will celebrate those who helped him and his family fight their way back from such devastation, a fitting tribute. And finally, that, because of these efforts, fellow EMS workers were able to get more training that will help them should similar tragedies occur in our county the exclamation point that highlights the selflessness of a man who could have simply withdrawn into himself.

Cashwell has never done that, becoming an example of faith, strength and determination for others to mimic as they work their way through their own tragedies.

When it comes to heroes, Cashwell remains at the top of our list, and we thank him for helping us all to stay focused on the important things in life.


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