Wildcats edge Spartans

By Anna Moore - Sports Writer

Spartan Jawawn Newkirk breaks free from the Wildcats and is able to go up for a basket.

The Spartans hosted their first home game of the season Tuesday where they faced an intense battle against the Hobbton Wildcats. The Wildcats took the victory in a close game, 48-45.

Hobbton came out and quickly took the lead. The Spartans struggled in the first quarter as the Wildcats began to pull ahead 11-6. Collin King managed to put up 6 of those points in the first quarter followed by 3 from Omar Farrior.2

The Wildcats extended their lead in the second quarter, 25-16. The Union team could not seem to find the basket as easily as the Wildcats.

However, the Spartans came back after halftime and started to make changes. Spartan, Donta Chavious was able to slide pass the wildcats to put up many points. By the end of the third quarter the Spartans had closed in on the Wildcats, 33-32.

The fourth quarter was a toss up. The Spartans were able to tie it up and even take the lead. The game only changed in the final seconds when the Wildcats tied the game back up and took a one point lead from a free throw by Hunter Britt. The Spartans lost control of the ball and the Wildcats were able to score one last basket giving them the win, 48-45.

Donta Chavious led the Spartans with 23 points. Chavious was followed by Jawawn Newkirk with 11 points and Samuel Crumpler with 4.

Hobbton was led by Collin King with 16 points followed by Omar Farrior with 10. Hunter Britt also contributed 9 points and Jonathan Wright had 4.

Hobbton head coach Alfonza Hooper had a lot to say about the intense game. “I think we jumped out on Union to start with. We hit some good shot and I told the team we had to stay the course,” he said. He expressed how excited he was about the win since this is Hobbton’s first win after two consecutive losses. “The team kept fighting till the end and Union was real scrappy but I’m really proud of my team.”

Hooper went on to praise the Union head coach and speak on Union. “Keegan is doing a great job as a first year coach and it’s always great to come back home because Union is where I went to school,” he stated.

Spartan head coach Keegan Warren reflected upon the game but was still proud of his team. “I’d like to congratulate Coach Hooper and the Wildcats on their good hard fought victory. Tonight we struggled opening up and they jumped out on us early and we had to adjust,” he said.

Warren also praised him team for their efforts. “We fought back, tied it up, and took the lead. Donta Chavious attacked the basket very well and Jawawn Newkirk showed up pretty well also. We have a lot to work on and practice and shake things out for the next game.”

The Wildcats and the Spartans will both be back in action Friday, December 4th, which will include a lot of in county action. The Wildcats will host the Midway Raiders while the Spartans travel to take on the Lakewood Leopards.

By Anna Moore

Sports Writer

Spartan Jawawn Newkirk breaks free from the Wildcats and is able to go up for a basket.
http://clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/web1_DSC_01241.jpgSpartan Jawawn Newkirk breaks free from the Wildcats and is able to go up for a basket.


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